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A week's worth of Motivation - Week 1

Monday Motivation: As adults many of us are afraid of being known, fear of being rejected - trusting somebody else to hopefully not hurt you, whether friend, significant other. Why not start your relationships with, 'what kind of crazy are you?' For years in my 20's/30's I tried to be who everyone else would like, accept, love. Think of your public self as a costume, is it the real you or a costume just for others to see? In my 40's my bio states my aspergers, ADHD, the real me- take me or leave me, I am me.

Perspective through reflection.

Perspective only comes through reflection. We do what we do. Have you ever stepped back and said- why did I do that? Why did I feel that? The root cause of our being, where we draw our perspective on everything we feel, we hear, we do is SO powerful. Sometimes our reactions are based on the past principles instead of your new found strength. Rebuild intentions and perspective to truly grow through time. Dawn

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You already know.

You already know. Are you always piling on knowledge over and over and over again? You buy another book but you have 12 you didn't read from last year? You know how to get into shape, how to do a sit up, you already know. It is in 'doing' where the miracle happens. Some people constantly pray- what do I do God? He may have told us 100 times but it's still undone. What is close becomes common, what do you take for granted daily? Your best days are ahead of you, you only need to claim them.

You have favor.

The devil couldn't take you out so he's trying to ware you out. Don't you dare get tired. Hold on because the tide is about to turn in your favor! The word favor means approval, support, act of kindness beyond what is due or usual as a noun, or feel/show approval in a verb. Today may 'eat you alive' in the hard but list your favored moments of today as you lay down to sleep. I guarentee you the hard can be left in today, stay and the favor can carry into tomorrow and beyond, go.

Control Your Worry, God's got you.

Yesterday while the world worried about the 'snow possibility' I enjoyed the 60 degree weather. Think about the last 3 things you worried about- were they worth the worry or was the worry overdone? Be a light bringer, be a magic maker, a game changer, break worry open, uplift and expand yourself and others. Truly use every heart beat for the greater good that you are afforded. Dawn

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Your Voice.

What say you? Do you have a voice? The largest injustice you can ever do to the world is to ‘silence’ your precious voice. You matter. What you have to say matters. What you mean when you say things is your own unique view, no one must accept or agree – Just be. Keep your words flowing even when no one is listening because your words become your actions, your actions become your life, your life becomes your legacy to live on forever. Dawn

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Have you ever looked at the word 'expand?' Expanding from the inside, what would happen if we expanded our character? Expanded our responsibility? Expand the way we think? What we work on, on the inside eventually is seen on the outside. You want a better business? Work on your inside, your capabilities and possibilities and your business will expand. Expand away! Dawn

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Make sure life doesn't become so common place that you walk through the days completely blind. Life is truly a series of thousands of tiny miracles to discover in a day. Notice them. The sunshine, the rain, an idea, a thought, a kind hand, a soft heart, a word that you needed desperately, the hunch to stop for a minute and say something, or text someone, do it. Notice the miracles all around you and be a miracle to those around you. Dawn

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Our Powerful Minds....

Our minds believe everything we think and say. We are the author, creator, director of our days. Are you honest with yourself? What is your honesty based on? Things you really believe or other people's voices? God's voice? Popular opinion or grace? The root cause/belief in all things is where energy is born. Not enough energy, think about what you are telling yourself, where your voices and energy is coming from then BOOM...you'll find how to increase your energy all day, every day. Dawn

Not all that wander are lost....

Not all those who wander are lost. Wander through the possibilities, through your dreams, through what is possible, outside of your comfy comfort zone. Then keep things the way they are or lace in these wandering ways. So many times we think we are STUCK, we aren't, we decide on the stuck, wander or go. Your life may be your perfect, if so, incredible. If not wander and find your new normal. In your quiet time, you need quiet time, wander away. Dawn

All Rights Reserved, @Weak2Strong, LLC. 2019
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