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God says for everything there is a season, but we go through so many seasons it is hard to appreciate the hardest as much as the easiest. The first chapter of the book I'm reading is about "being content with the season of life you are currently in." You may think to yourself, yes I'm completely content, but you may not be as content as you might believe. Do you look outward for peace or to feel complete? If the answer to that is yes, then you are not fully content. Contentment-the state of being satisfied. This means that when you look around you are completely satisfied not only with your past, your future, but exactly where you are in life. How many moments do we let pass by? How many events have we experienced, but really didn't EXPERIENCE, I don't know about you but I believe I have missed quite a bit. When I was 16, I was wishing I was 18. At 18, I was wishing I was 21 and now I'm there and I'm thinking, can we rewind back to 16??  So you see I myself struggle with contentment everyday. It amazes me why everything else is the problem...I'm guilty as anyone of looking at my flaws and my scars and saying, this is your fault, this is your fault, we hold ourselves completely unaccountable. My worst decisions were just that, they wee my decision and yet we want to point fingers and want to sum it up in a word like depression or anxiety or anything else that can explain the way we feel. The one thing we aren't noticing is the fact that we LET it affect us. I'm not at all saying that we control what happens to us and that everything that has ever affected us in a negative way is our fault. I'm saying what we do control is how we let it affect us in our season of life. When you feel down or sad does keeping yourself that way change anything? NO. You are merely accepting that you aren't making that season the best you can. Peace- Inner contentment. You see the two coexist and have so much to do with each other. I think one of the first steps to finding contentment is finding peace. The only way you can gain peace throughout every aspect in your life is finding peace within YOURSELF. You see it everywhere, we want wealth, health, and everything we want or desire, but contentment has nothing to do with everything you want. Contentment has everything to do with being at peace with what you have already been blessed with, the things you already have, and most importantly being content with those things. Are you content with what you have? So often we waste so much breath praying about tomorrow and waiting for what God will bless us with in the future, but we lose track of achieving peace in where we are right now. This moment is never going to be experienced again, this breath you are exhaling is never coming back, we will never get this time back, so why not be glad for it? Why when we search for peace we look everywhere but within ourselves? We never get to a point to where we stop and are still and realize that if we are not fully satisfied in our lives we should look no further than ourselves because we are the only ones that can achieve that peace. We think that possessions can fill that space, that wealth can fill that space, nothing can fill that space but us getting up and changing something to be more content. We can whine and cry about how much we need to get through the time we are in and want to be in a better place or we can appreciate the breaths and appreciate the tears because this season that we are in whether bad or good is going to be part of who we are. So tonight I'd like to ask you, are you fully content? If that answer is no then find a quiet place and find the peace you need with yourself. You can not love someone else until you love yourself and you can not love yourself until you find peace with your flaws, your scars, and that you choose how you are going to carry through. You choose the smile on your face. But the next time we want to look to possessions to falsely achieve that peace, let's remember 1 Timothy 6:7, "For we brought nothing in this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out." All we get to leave behind is the love we showed and how complete we allowed ourselves to be, I don't know about you but I refuse to be left unfinished and I want to not only make myself content and find peace in myself, but help you know that you are the only one who find peace and it's within you, it is nowhere in this world because we are not of this world. Real peace comes from within and above. :)

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