Don't Lose Hope
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Don't Lose Hope

Not only are we excited for the holidays to be right around the corner, but we are also nervous about the prediction on December 21, 2012. I have found myself slipping thinking about all the possibilities of what can happen on this day. It's so easy to be consumed by fear in the world we live in. There is so much that we can let keep us inside and want to crawl in a hole for the rest of our lives. Knowing that things could come to an end in 7 days should not hold us in fear though, it should make us appreciate every last moment we have. I can not stress how important it is to appreciate every breath, I know I am young and I don't have experience in having my life fly by, but my Grandma said it over and over when she wrote, "Appreciate every breath and don't waste any time with any emotion but happiness." She was the wisest woman I knew and if she writes it so many times then it's obviously of some importance. One thing is for sure, no matter what happens it is meant to be and it will be. Why do we try to fight what is already written? We want to potentially waste our last days on this earth trying to change that they could be our last days? We have no control over when our last day on this earth will be, but one thing we can control is how we choose to spend it, whether we leave an impression of hate or of love, and if we are ready for where we are going. Are you ready to go? I know that I am ready to go and though it is a scary thought how my life could end, I know that I am going home. I was never meant for this world and If I'm going home and this is the time for it then I am ready. I'm not going to lie and say I believe that the 21st will be the end because I don't believe it will be. God said that the son, nor the angels, and all of man know when the end will come, only the Father. That is what the Bible says so this is what I ultimately believe. So I ask you, are you ready for whatever could happen? Have you fulfilled all you want from this world? These questions are not small ones of no importance. These are questions that we rarely ask ourselves, but that we should ask everyday. I'm not saying we should constantly think about the end and fear it so that we never live, I'm only saying that we aren't in any rush to accomplish what we want out of life. I'm so guilty of this, we wait until our end to start living...It doesn't make any sense. We sit by and let others accomplish amazing things not realizing that though we are all different we all are capable of reaching for the stars. We can accomplish anything that our hearts desire. I'm not talking about being ready financially or physically, I am speaking spiritually. Do you have the mindset of someone who is full of hope and full of love? I can't imagine a better end to this world than sitting with the people I love, anticipating Christmas, and having a smile on my face. But, as we are waiting for this end it fills me with anger and dread how scared and cowardly some people are becoming. People acting out by hurting others, being filled with greed and only caring about money, and completely forgetting why God has put us in this world. The most important of all of these is LOVE. Did we not read that correctly? This morning I was watching the news that in Newtown, Connecticut two shooters went into an elementary school and unleashed 100 bullets on children grades kindergarten through 4th grade. There are 27 dead and 14 of them were these poor little angels. I'm so tired of watching the news and seeing how people feel the need to do things like this. Why??? These children are completely innocent and I refuse to believe that they had anything to do with your anger or sadness in this world. I am going to be filling up these families with prayer and I ask you all to join me to help these grieving families. 
"Lord, please watch over these families filled with sadness and confusion in this tragedy. Take their tears away and help them to know that you have their little angels and they safe from harm now. Help them to grieve and help them find hope in this dark time. In Jesus name we pray, Amen." 
I understand that everyone is sad that bad things could happen and mad that we may only have a week, but making bad things happen because you are hurting is not the answer. Let's all continue to be filled with hope and know that we should put all of our trust and faith in God to carry us through. We are tucked under his wings and that is the safest place we can be. I do know one thing, I am thankful that this has shook people up a little bit because maybe now we will appreciate everyday. Tragedies though they are dreadful to experience they have a way of bringing people together. They remind us of what is important and keep us grateful for what we have. Let's all decide that if things do not come to an end, we need to make one hell of a New Year's resolution. Mine will be, 
TO LOVE. To do what God intended for us to do and I want to try this year to lift as many people as I can. To make people grateful that they have me in their lives and have them wanting to put more love in their lives as well. And then when this year is over, let's continue to love and make this world a better place. :) 

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