Know Your Own Strength
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Know Your Own Strength

"Confront the dark parts of yourself, and work to banish them with illumination and forgiveness. Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will make your angels sing. Use the pain as fuel, as a reminder of your strength." -August Wilson

Sometimes I think back to the past and I wonder how I made it through, how I found the strength to get up every morning, and how I left it behind, it's amazing isn't it? The strength we can find to carry on if we truly go searching for it. If we want to look within ourselves and pull it out and say that we're done being down. I am thankful for that strength. In this world at times I've had virtually nothing by the standards of all around me, I have had no money, no one to hold me up, I've been the most unattractive in the room, but that is not what matters. I know because even if I would have had more of those things it wouldn't have helped me through. What I really needed, I found. I found inner strength, the power to know that I was lacking so much, I was covered in flaws and mistakes and that nothing was making it so I could get up happy in the morning, but that I could, that I could make it through anything if I truly put my mind to it. Making my way into adulthood I try to remind myself of that power as much as possible. What do you use your inner strength for? Or have you not found it yet? I will tell you without a doubt in my mind that power is there even if you haven't figured it out yet. I'm going to tell you something that tons of people have told you before but you may not believe and want you to try your hardest to take a deep breath and believe it. You can accomplish anything. Don't argue with me, don't let fears make you not believe it, just accept it. No excuses, no judgement, no fear, you can accomplish anything. You can if you want to, if you acknowledge that strength and you use it. There is a quote that is close to my heart and I'm sure I have used it before, but I feel this quote can be used for anything in life, "A strong person is one who can take the bricks people throw at them and build a firm foundation." In case you don't know, your foundation is the most important thing in your life. There was a sermon a few months ago that I still remember about foundation. The pastor asked, "Is your foundation made of sand where any storm can make it blow away?" or "Is your foundation made of stone and storms do not affect it?" This is so helpful in my life. When something negative hurts you in life, Are you firm and still standing and your foundation unaffected? Or are you gone, did the storms take your foundation and everything you have has been broken. I know that was worded poorly, but it's the best way I can explain it. Now you'll be shocked to know that it doesn't matter. If you are made of stone, then you have nothing to rebuild, but you can add on to the firm foundation you have built and are content with where you stand. If you are made of sand and have lost everything, you have lots to rebuild and much room to grow, you can change your building materials and build yourself stronger than before. As most things in life are it is all about trial and error, about finding how to make yourself the best you. The reason I believe that relates to strength is because in this life we have to try and try to make our foundation firm, but that it is possible. No matter how many times we have to pick things back up and build again, we can accomplish it. It is all about looking at things differently and finding the strength to move on after we've failed repeatedly. So remember that we all have demons and things that keep from being happy in life, but that we all the inner strength to make it through anything! So don't be afraid, don't let failures keep you down, and keep pulling that strength out of yourself until that sand foundation is gone and is replaced with a firm stone foundation with no cracks in it:))) 

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