Spread kindness and love:)
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Spread kindness and love:)

Today I have decided to write about one of the simplest phrases in the world, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." These words are so simple right, pretty straight to the point and yet they are so hard to apply to everyday life. We start out the day in either a negative or positive way and all through the day we stay that way. We let the tiniest things affect whether it is a good or bad day. Lastly it seems that energy is contagious, whatever we are surrounded by is what we become ourselves. But friends, I have a challenge for all of you for today. I'm saying only today because I truly take one day at a time and I'm not interested in setting a goal I probably won't carry out. This challenge involves doing three things today. 

1. Starting the day out positively. 
I like to start out the day usually with some breathing exercises because I have a toddler in his terrible twos and I must relax before beginning the day. I eat my onion bagels (yum!) and I do 10 minutes of cardio to get my blood pumping, 10 minutes of core to get my stomach feeling good for the day, and then I cool down with 10 minutes of relaxing yoga and get myself perfectly relaxed for the day that lies ahead. I'm not telling you to do just as I do, that would be silly, I'm purely putting what I do out there and I know that every person enjoys different things and has different ways of making themselves positive. Just simply put, get yourself ready for the day and have an open mind. 

2. Don't say anything unless you have something nice to say. 
This is the most difficult out of these to accomplish. As we go through our day people will try to lean us either to the negative or the positive side. I'm sure as we've all noticed some people enjoy to make us feel down, but when people do that realize that you don't have to let them affect you at all and also realize that you should not get angry by this because a hurting heart, hurts. They may need kindness and love and they are trying to make you feel the way they do inside. So plainly put, if they give you hate or judgement, love them even more. Go the higher road. 

3. Give love and kindness. 
If your confronted today by friends, strangers, acquaintances  or even people you haven't cared for in the past. Forget it. Clear the air by putting your best foot forward and getting over it. Everyday is a new day and why must we let the past cloud today or tomorrow. Today could be our last day and I don't know about you, but if it just happens to be, I want it to be spectacular. It doesn't matter whether what has made things unpleasant is your fault or theirs, the point is that you will not have the best day if you treat others negatively. What kind of person do you want to be? The one they are scared of or angry with when you walk in the room, or the one that they can confide in, they can laugh with, and that lights up the room. My husband has always complimented me in situations that were out of my comfort zone, he can always tell when I am really trying because he knows me, but one thing he has always told me is that he loves the way I light up the room and make people happy. I have had plenty of times when I have done the opposite and I'm not proud of it, but I love when he tells me that I did an amazing job of holding myself together and really showing my true colors. Even if you may be an angry person I guarantee you are not truly angry, there is a person down there, a person who wants to show love and kindness and that wants to shine. Do you want to shine today? I know I do, for my husband, for my son, and ultimately for myself. So that I can lift everyone up. 

Some days we are so focused on being overcome by hate and anger that we don't notice how many times in the day we could turn our attitude around, take a step back, and behave in a way we will be proud of. I want my son to see me give love because then he is anxious to give love too! I know this method does work because my mother is someone that despite what life throws at her, she uses this phrase. No matter how people have treated her and what she has to overcome, she is amazing at smiling and only saying good things. She lifts people up, and she is absolutely the happiest person I have ever known. I am so proud to come from such a great woman who does not say anything unless she has something nice to say. And remember, this challenge has nothing to do with the people around you, there is nothing you can do to change how others treat you, and you can not force anyone else to be positive, the most we can do is show love and hope they want to show it back. This challenge is about YOU, about putting your best foot forward and having the best day you can. Lastly remember that God smiles when we, his children love one another and treat each other with respect. There is enough hate and sadness in this world! That is what this world is about! You have to rise above it and decide what your day will be filled with. Do you want LOVE or HATE???? I choose love. 


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