Making it through the Rain.
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Making it through the Rain.

"I will praise you in this storm, I will lift my hands, for you are who you are no matter where I am, And every tear I've cried you hold in your hands, Though my heart is torn, I will praise you in this storm." -Casting Crowns. 

I once read a beautiful quote that said, "Life's not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's learning to dance in the rain." This quote reminds me of right after me and my husband got married. I was going through a time with my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and anxiety that was unforgettable. I couldn't eat, sleep, I couldn't function without being completely paralyzed by fear and depression. I was throwing up because I was afraid something would happen to me or our family. But every time I did, he held my hair back and rubbed my back. He would sleep with me downstairs so that I could see the door and know that no one was coming in. He would encourage me to talk to him and would tell me that we would make it through this "storm." He would let me sleep the entire day even though he knew that I wasn't tired, I was sleeping because I was stuck in depression and had no energy to live. We had a lot of storms and struggles that we had to face, but even though we were newlyweds and everything wanted to break us apart and keep us down, together I slowly started to feel like myself again. He wanted to know my thoughts, no matter how unrealistic or outrageous because he wanted them out of my head! He saw that being silent and depressed wasn't helping me get any better and he wanted me to put them to rest and make me feel better. The classic man reaction in a situation where your wife is suffering is to want to fix it and find some magic cure for what is hurting her, and it broke him down knowing that it wasn't that simple, that it was going to take time to get my mind to make it through what I was experiencing. I can't tell you that I never think those thoughts today because that would be a lie, but I will tell you that they are not all I think about. I learned little by little to dance in the rain, to take each day of that storm and slowly let it run out of rain.  I know that not only was I under God's wing at that time of hurting, but that I could lean on my husband and get through. But most importantly, I had to lean on myself though, because they were my thoughts, in my head, and I was the only one that could truly put them to rest. That was the hardest storm I have ever had to face and conquer in my life, but I'm still breathing and I made it through. It does take a while to make it through, but no storm lasts forever. I know there are all different struggles we have to face in this life and I can never fully understand your trials and tribulations, just as you have not experienced mine. The important thing to remember is that everyone goes through them and that eventually every storm runs out of rain. All you have to do is learn how to dance in it until it does. 
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tibet tourist on Sunday, May 19, 2013 1:46 AM
I have been reading out many of your stories and i can claim nice stuff. I will surely bookmark your site.
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