I'm back!
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I'm back!

"Don't let someone dim your light, Simply because it is shining in their eyes."  
I'm very sorry that blogging had to stop for a few days due to me burning my hands and arms with hot cooking oil. Today, they aren't feeling very well again, but I felt that I should still get a few words in. One of the main reasons is that I can't keep my emotions and feelings inside at a time where I am hurt and in pain and feel that situations like this are when you need to write the most. These last days I have been having a very hard time dealing with people. I try my best, so hard in this life, to not let other people's judgement and anger make me into a judgmental and angry person because that is not who I want to be. But, I'm starting to realize that when I am quiet, when I do not speak how I feel, I get walked over and I have regrets about how I handled the situation. That's not me. As much as I want to be timid, to be the better person, and want to be nice, It is not like me to let someone drag me through the mud, I am a fighter and a survivor, and I have been through so much in my life that I don't understand why nowadays I let the smallest challenge make me crumble. I am Aryanna Marie D'Angelo, the granddaughter of Shirley and James Brice, the daughter of Dawn Marie Roller, the wife of Matthew D'Angelo, an amazing songwriter and aspiring writer and I am a great person. This morning I woke up and realized that no one has any reason to judge me, I have no reason to judge them, we are separate people, we have separate identities, and I don't HAVE TO feel hurt or angry at all because no matter what anyone says, no matter what happens to me or how insignificant people want me to feel, I am not insignificant at all, I am ME and I am the only me that will ever be. Bon Jovi said in one of his songs, "Remember that your perfect, God makes no mistakes." And he is absolutely right. God made me exactly the way he feels I should have been made, he made me with talents and with faults, with things I still have to work on and things I do amazingly. He wants me to be ME, to be real, to get angry, to LIVE. To live and to learn and that is the same for everyone. We are all important and don't ever let anyone tell you that you aren't because you are. It amazes me that no matter how different I become, how much I grow as a person, there are always those things that never change. Your roots I believe you could call them. 
I'm praying that everyone out there will accept who they are and no matter what they are going through will realize that they were made perfect. That the true you, the real you, if you work through all the crap and all the walls, and the fronts, that person is worth standing up for and is worth showing everyday all the time. 

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