Nana's Birthday!
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Nana's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Nana! :)
I haven't been on here all week and I've been slacking with writing. This weekend is Nana's birthday and we will be out of town all weekend so I wanted to get a quick blog in. I can't think of what to write about being easily distracted lately so I want to do a fun tutorial post. As you have already read I have a two year old and he is always eager to make, clean, or paint anything, just as I'm sure any two year old is. I asked him what he wanted to make his Nana for her birthday, but we were stumped. So of course, what do you do when you can't think of the perfect gift, you google it! We stumbled upon a website of 100 homemade gift ideas for your Nana, which was pretty perfect. This website is absolutely amazing with gifts for anyone that are low cost and have age limits on all the projects so all I had to do was find one that was perfect. Our son owns a lot of toys that are 6 and up and has never had a problem figuring them out so the project was six years and up, but I wasn't worried because he's a super smart little boy. With all parents though I know it is helpful to have the ages there so you know their are other children who enjoyed the craft and are the same age. We started scrolling through and down the page Riley spotted a bird bath and immediately loved it, he pointed at it and said that one. So I opened it and lucky enough with adult supervision of course it was three years and up. So I will be helping him build his bird bath for Nana tomorrow. As I've blogged about before, my Grandma went to Heaven when I was only eight. She was the most amazing women I ever knew. She was stubborn, hard headed, and very loving towards everyone who ever knew her. She had a way as my Papa said of lighting up a room and of making everyone love her wit. No one can ever take my Grandma's place in my heart, but I was lucky enough to marry into a family with a lot of wonderful women as well as being blessed with my own. Nana has shared amazing words of wisdom with me and she is a wonderful and very tough woman, her strength is downright inspiring. She is a survivor and until speaking with her I had never had anyone tell me that I was not a victim of a bad experience, that I was a SURVIVOR of one. She has told me countless times that I need to be strong and not let anyone bring me down, and I admire her forgiveness and her will power. I love birthdays because it's that one day out of the year where you can celebrate how blessed you are to have someone in your life! And I am so grateful for everyone good and bad that has entered my life, you live and you learn and every person no matter how little you spend with them they are all part of the road to you becoming who you are, whether they broke you and you had to persevere past them, or they helped you grow even further and they gave you more strength, either way God made you cross paths for a reason. So with that said, she's a great person and Riley and his little cousin are going to make her the best bird bath ever. It doesn't matter how it comes out, all that matters is that there was love put into making it. With that said, I have seen a ton of how to tutorials for this craft and some are a bit too complex. So I'm just going to include how we are making ours! This is also a wonderful Mother's Day present and you can put your special touch:))

1 Terra Cotta Pot (ours will be 12 cm) 
1 Terra Cotta Saucer (want it a little bigger than the pot. 
Strong glue (or weather resistant duct tape) 
Acrylic Spray Paint
  -Empty spray bottle
  -Acrylic Paint
Sponges (flower, butterfly, and dragonfly shapes)
Styrofoam Plates (Acrylic Paint soaks up in paper plates)
Damp Cloth
Clear Acrylic Weatherproof Spray

Making the Structure: 
1. First, Me and Riley have to make our Spray Paint, I don't want him using ones with chemicals so I am going to take an empty spray bottle, which he loves to use, and fill it up halfway with warm water. Take some acrylic paint, we are using neon colors because they are pretty and put enough so it's not watered down. Then shake it all up. 
2. Take the pot and place it upside down as the base for your birdbath. You can stack as many as you like. 
3.Next put your strong super glue all over the bottom part of the pot which is facing up, apply generously. 
4. Put your saucer on the glue. Make sure it is stuck on there pretty good if you need to repeat the process then do that. 
After you have your main structure made then wipe down all of it with a damp cloth to make it fresh before the painting process. 
5. Lastly spray the pot and bottom of the structure with weatherproof spray, apply a lot of it so if it on grass it doesn't become affected, DO NOT SPRAY TOP OF SAUCER. Some tutorials say to do that, but in all honestly most weatherproof acrylic spray is toxic and if water is ingested by your birds they can get sick from the water having any contact with this spray. I don't know about you, but we love birds and we don't want to poison them:) 

1. Spray your child's hands generously with the paint, when watered down acrylic paint with adult supervision is not harmful. Next have your child first put their hands on one side of the pot. Riley's little cousin is helping him make his present and his hand prints will be on the other side. We will then write, "We love you Nana!" and then write the babie's names under their hands
2. Fill 3 or 4 plates (use styrofoam) with different colors and place different sponges on each plate and let your child use their creativity. 
3. When your bird bath looks as you want it to, then wash hands and spray the pot with acrylic weatherproof spray a couple more times. It will look glossy and the paint won't come off. 

And just like that you are done and you have a beautiful handmade gift! We are very excited to make ours tomorrow and I will definitely put pictures on here after we are finished! :))) 
And the greatest part is that I get to have a blast making things with family and my little man:) I love him so much:)
Here's an example made by kids on Google: 

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