Anti-Bullying Day:)
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Anti-Bullying Day:)

On the calendar, only Canada raises awareness towards bullying on this day, but I'm choosing to blog about it anyway because I believe we should all celebrate it internationally. A day of speaking out against putting others down and celebrating our differences rather than criticizing each other for them. I feel that we should do this everyday, so when I found out that the last Wednesday of February in Canada every year is Anti-bullying Day I decided I had found my topic:) I bookmarked a calendar of awareness days on my computer when we started this blog to try to shed light on days like these. I'm writing this post a day before so we can all read it ahead of time. I know that in November in the U.S. we celebrate an entire week for anti-bullying, but I figure what is the harm in spreading the word for more than a week??? This subject is close to my heart having had a father who constantly bullied me with words, you may not think that that is possible, but it is. A child hears over and over again that they are not worthy of life or that they are stupid repeatedly and they do start believing it. It obviously has always happened (The Christmas Story, Fairly Oddparents, Hey Arnold, Rugrats) noticing it in a lot of the shows I enjoyed growing up, our children in multiple shows they watch today shed light on this topic, but don't understand it. Now being a mother, it scares the crap out of me and kids are not exactly as nice as they used to be. He is two and has already had kids say, "Get away from me and your weird." on the playground which breaks my heart. I could blame the kids for this, but I honestly don't, I feel that the responsibility to teach our children to be kind to others and embrace everyone's differences is up to us, It falls on our shoulders as parents. The way they see us, the love we spread to others, and there willingness to even stand up for anyone else being bullied is up to the love we spread into their hearts, and the way we speak to one another. I am in no way a perfect parent, I've played video games and accidently let the bird fly and had my two year old repeat and have road rage like crazy, but one thing I do know is that my little one knows how much we love him and is almost over kind to other children, he treats them most the time like they are related to us. Of course being two, he has his moments, but he is a very kind child. He will sit and pester you for hours if you are sad, he will make funny faces and say cute things until eventually you can't help, but to crack a smile. When our niece was born, I made it very clear to Riley, even though he was so little and probably didn't understand me at all that he was his little cousin's protector. Our niece has Down syndrome and I'm sure you all know that some people are so unkind and she is just the sweetest little thing and to make sure that when Riley saw it he said something or he made her feel better, I said then and I always say that no matter what, even if he is standing completely alone, to stand up for his little cousin and always have her back. One of the ways today that still disgusts me every time I see it is when the homeless are bullied. When someone goes up to someone that is obviously not doing very well in life and is on the same struggle on the journey as them and because of differences treats them as less and has hate in their heart. Every time I think about this all I think about is my Papa, he was a veteran, a man who fought for our country, who had a heart of gold, but because he cut the arms off all his shirts and refused to buy new pants even after his were too short people looked at him as if he was less than them. When in all honestly, none of us are better than anyone else. And none of us deserve to be treated badly. This is all around us, it happens everyday and when you see it happen, we are faced with two choices, we can turn our cheek, or we can choose to stand up and stop it. So today let's all take the pledge and let's decide that there is no place for judgement and hate in our schools, in our homes, or in our world. So tomorrow if you support the cause then wear PINK for anti-bullying! And speak up for all the people that have had to go through it and let's not let it happen to anyone else and any of our children:) 

This one is for you Papa, one of the most amazing men that ever walked this earth. Who gave even when he had nothing and worked for nothing even when you never deserved it because you put your life on the line for this country. 

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shaun on Wednesday, February 5, 2014 2:06 AM
Anti-bullying Day I decided I had found my topic:
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