Burn the Bridge and Let it Go.
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Burn the Bridge and Let it Go.

Forgiveness is not an easy process, but it is a very important step into making yourself a stronger better person. We have to accept that there are things we cannot change and that God puts all different people in our lives for all different reasons and that no matter what reason he has for hurt, sadness, or anyone walking out that everything happens for a reason. I am a very strong believer in the fact that everything happens for a reason and that we should learn and grow from everything that is put in front of us. But, what is put in front of us that we have to endure for a time doesn't always have to hang over us forever. There comes a time when no matter how things were left and however you were left from the situation, you have to let it go and forgive. I know all to well about this topic because I had to forgive my father for everything he put me through. Let me say before you think that was an easy task that my father still does not admit to abusing me, nor does he feel in anyway sad about it, and still swears that he is the model father every child wants. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do, but I came to the point where I realized that the justice I needed from my abuse was not having my father say sorry, it was deciding that I wanted my life and that he could not have me. I could have decided not to get up, to let his words of denial and hate, tear me apart from the outside through, but I didn't. I realized I wanted to forgive and to claim my life back. Sometimes it isn't that easy, I still have fits of PTSD, depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder and it does plague my adult life, but I know now that I am a strong enough person to get through it because I have moved past my abuse and realized that I don't live there anymore. It doesn't take over my mind like it used to and it isn't part of who I am today because I will not let it be. I decided that what I wanted to do was burn the bridge and move forward. Forgiveness is such an important process, I think that it is you taking the chains that hold you down by negativity and taking all your strength and putting them down. It makes you a stronger person and it lets go of what keeps you from moving forward into a more positive life. I would like to remind you that no matter what you harbor in your being, no matter what pain you hold onto, what you can't forgive, there is nothing that is impossible to wipe away and heal by God. When I was 13, I wrote a letter to my father, in it I spoke about the life I was going to have, the happiness I was still going to feel despite the pain he put me through, I wrote of all the things I remembered and that I didn't deserve any of it and wasn't going to hold onto it anymore. The end of that letter spoke of how amazing my heavenly father was and that he knew I was enough, that he doesn't strike me with words or hurt and how I was letting go of him and had gotten saved by God. It ended with these simple words, "But I forgive you Dad." That letter never got to my father, I didn't ever send it, I burned it right after I wrote it because it didn't matter to me whether he knew any of it, it didn't matter if he knew how I felt or cared because at that moment all that mattered was that it was finally out of my mind and heart, on paper, and gone. That day I was a slate wiped clean by God and I knew that he was never going to take care of me and hold me under his wings, that my father would never hurt me ever again. That night I prayed for forgetting, I prayed to heal my heart and to never give him another thought. I can confidently say that today my father and his abuse had nothing to do with making me who I am, it hasn't driven me into hating him, and I don't give him any thought. What it has helped is letting others know that they are not alone and making me thankful that my children have an amazing father and a strong mother who would never let anyone hurt them. Forgiving someone has nothing to do with winning against them or in getting revenge in hurting them the way they hurt you, it has to do with ONLY YOU. It is you deciding that your mind can't hold onto anymore of the sadness you endured and that you are saying that you will finally lay down those chains and leave it behind. It is not a one day resolution and it is not a small battle, it takes time and strength and knowing that there will be better days. But there is an amazing world there for you when you let go of the hurt and move forward, you give happiness a chance to finally move in and heal you. And know that when you make the decision to let go that God is right there to help you through the process and help you with all the feelings that come along with it, but you can help people who have went through some of the same experience, the same hurt, and it is amazing how you go from being silent to being a SURVIVOR. Everyday is a chance to wipe ourselves clean from the past and we always have the choice in what we choose to hold onto and what we want to burn. I hope that you do know that no matter what you've been through or how hurt you are, God sees you and holds you and that when you dedicate your life to him you are a new person, you can be who you wish to be, you can accomplish anything, and you can rest assured that he is always there to guide you. We have to open the door and when we do and give him the permission to take control of our lives and rid us of the pain we have felt there are amazing things in store for us, things that takes us and make us a stronger better person. Have a good day everyone and I will leave you with one last quote and song to make today a good one. :) 
"To forgive is to set a prisoner free, and realize the prisoner was you." 

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