From Complaining About Yesterday To Hoping For Tomorrow
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From Complaining About Yesterday To Hoping For Tomorrow

This Sunday was extremely stressed to me and I don't like being upset on a Sunday, but sometimes it's inevitable. I would love to have everything be peachy and not let anything bother me, but I am 9 months pregnant and that makes me very easily annoyed. It seems like every time I log on my Facebook, my news feed is compiled with negativity to bring me down. I turn on the TV, here are a dozen shows about drama and negativity and go to the grocery store where you will be surrounded again by people that frustrate you. I do not approve in letting others affect your happiness and I have blogged over and over again and firmly believe that your mood should not be altered by other’s complaining, but sometimes when I look around at everything  I want to scream, pull the blinds shut, and forget about the whole world. And yesterday was one of those days for me. So I have decided that for today I will blog about complaining which I think is something we all have done and as well are equally irritated by. What energy do you want to portray when you are with others? Normally I would say that other’s opinions are not important, but I don’t know about you but I don’t want my friends and family thinking that I’m the "Debbie Downer" who everyone runs from instead of talking to. So I’m going to give a few tips that I feel will lower your complaints about this life. I saw this quote once that said,”Happiness comes when we stop complaining about the troubles we have and offer thanks for the troubles we don’t have.”  So the first tip that I have has to do directly with this quote, 1) Forget the past and the troubles that have already passed. The majority of the things we complain about are things that aren't even at that moment in life, they are things that we have left behind, but are still complaining about holding onto feelings that aren't even needed. It is over and the minute we realize that, we can start to give our hearts forgiveness and happiness. The second tip has to do with the quote as well, 2) Appreciate your blessings. I can not even estimate the amounts that I have complained because I fixated on what I didn't have and forgot about the blessings that are surrounding me. It is easy to become stressed at all that we have left to do and forget about how far we have come and how amazing we are, but we must appreciate what we have or we will constantly complain about what we are lacking and will never be complete. Another quote that I love is, ”Complaining is finding faults. Wisdom is finding solutions.” And so the third tip of this post has to do with this quote, 3) Stop finding faults in yourself. The bottom line is that when we constantly complain about everything we become stuck and don’t do anything to fix why we are unhappy in the first place. We will find faults even if they are not there because we are unhappy with ourselves and feel the need to seek attention to try to fill the gap that is within us. I have said it a million and will say it again the first step to happiness is to love yourself. When you start to love yourself and all that you are, you will stop complaining and wanting to be everything that you aren't. So for today friends let us remember that when we complain we are not the best we can be, we need to appreciate who we are and all we have. Because at that moment when we are wasting our breath complaining about our troubles and worries someone could be breathing their last. Have a good day everyone! 

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