Overcome: On Strength
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Overcome: On Strength

I want to start off this post with my mother's post; 
   Here it is; Wow family, friends and prayer warriors- we have a team around Dee like no other! I sit here with tears of joy, grateful tears as I hang up the phone with Jim! Jim called this morning and said they took off her bandages and saw the healing was going amazing. All scabbing over the large incision. They may be able to release her today- so the 3-5 days in the hospital (soonest release was next Monday) changed to today. We will know soon if it is today! I hung up the phone from his 'happy' news and got in the car to drive to the hospital - plugged in my iPhone and of 550 songs shuffling on my playlist the 1st song to play was 'Amen' by Bon Jovi! 'mercy, mercy, what else can I say, amen' heading up to her room now- more to come. God and Delicia have completely amazed me through this surgery and healing! Our God is an amazing God! Dawn 
 Thank you to everyone who prayed for her. :)) 
Ernest Hemingway said, "The world breaks everyone. But afterword, some are strong at the broken places." With that said I think most of our compassion and kindness comes from knowing that everyone gets broken, that everyone is fighting their own battle, and that we are not the only ones hurting. It is for that exact reason that we started this blog, to let people know they are not alone. To let them them know of God's love and to help them strengthen their lives. I am no stranger to hurt, and I am nowhere near a perfect person, everyday when I write on here I am growing and learning my lesson just as I am writing to all of you. One thing I know is that God never lets anyone go, and I know that everyone has doubts and questions about God that they experience, but I believe with every bit of my heat that I am who I am because of him. When I was 9 I suffered from kidney failure, there were tests done, my health kept slipping, and my mother was pretty sure she was going to lose me. In one of my kidneys, there was a hole. They didn't know how it got there and didn't know how to fix it, I went through a lot of IVs and procedures and finally I was transferred to Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital where I underwent numerous more procedures to fix me, but came up with about the same results of everyone before. It was during this time where I escaped into writing lyrics and singing to God, I had been to church a handful of times in my life and had no idea who God was, I had been abused and lost and didn't know where to go, I had words in my head and just wrote them down. I didn't go searching for God, he came to me, when I was 13 we went into the hospital for the last time and we looked at my x-rays, two perfectly healthy kidneys. No hole, and since then I know God is watching over me, giving me strength to go forward. That was the turning point for me, soon after I was saved and baptized in the Baptist Church. Everyone comes to God in different ways. One of the songs I like is, "He Will Carry Me by Mark Schultz, it says, "He is all the strength I need, he will carry me." My grandmother didn't believe you had to go to church to believe in God, she didn't believe you had to read your Bible everyday either, she didn't think you could earn your way into Heaven, and I agree completely. I have a lot to work on, I could read my Bible more, I could go to church more, I could be kinder, and the list of the reasons why I shouldn't go to Heaven are endless. But, for some reason, he saved me. For anyone who is imperfect like myself, which should be everyone....I want you to write a list of every bad thing that has ever happened to you on the left side of a lined sheet of paper. Any bad experience that you ever blamed God for and that you turned into a reason to doubt him. Now on the right side write every good thing you have experienced, everything that has ever made you smile and held you through, anything you used as proof that God was there and that you thanked him for, now look at the whole page and write when each event in your life took place because you'll realize the truth behind it. 
Age of 6- Abuse started from my Dad. :(
Age of 8- My Grandma went to Heaven. :(
Age of 9- Kidney failure. :(
Age of 13- Healed. :)
Age of 13- Dad moves away. :)
Age of 14- Saved and Baptized. :)
Age of 14-16- Therapy and Medications :(
Age of 17- Got pregnant as a teenager :(
Age of 18- Gave birth to Riley, :) 
Age of 19- Reconnected with his daddy. :) 
Age of 20- Got married. :) 
This isn't all that I experienced, but it is most of it, look at the faces I have used to make it positive or negative, every tragedy on my timeline is followed by a blessing, every tear is followed by a smile, and through it all God carried me. If you focus on all of the negative side then you won't see the light that he brought to you after the dark. You can blame God for every bad thing happening to you, or you can thank him for putting you through that pain so that you could experience happiness and appreciate it. Do you think we would appreciate anything without our trials? You learn to appreciate things when you go through those broken places. So today, let's not focus on the bad, but let us see the strength we brought from those times and use it to get through the bad that will come eventually, but even at those times let's focus on the good things that God put in our lives because if you say that God is responsible that every bad time that has ever happened, your absolutely right, but he is responsible also then for the strong person he made you through those bad times, for the blessings that followed, and for the strength you needed to get through and that got you through. :) 
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