Overcomer: On Blame
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Overcomer: On Blame

I get selfish sometimes and blame all of my shortcomings on God, it's so easy to look up in the sky at the one who is the center of everything and say, "Why did you let this happen to me?" Well the truth of the matter is that the moment we want to utter these words we should walk in the bathroom and look directly in the mirror because at the end of each day it is so easy to blame all of our mistakes and outcomes on God, but you have free will and decide where you end up. "Life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself." It never says who wrote this quote, but whoever did is quite wise, we decide who we create ourselves to be and to blame anyone else for our own fate is completely ridiculous. The one person who controls your outcomes and your happiness is YOU. People look around and want to think of anyway that they won't take responsibility for everything they have done and all ways that they fall short and God is everywhere and everyone says that God is so good that people think that he must be responsible. Each and everyone of us have demons, a thousand different demons, there are 7 billion people on this planet, each with their own demons all being plagued by torments and depression in their day to day lives. The truth of the matter is that the place when you feel sorrowful that you should be looking is either down at the ground or around you. We decide what mistakes and we decide whether we will spread goodness and happiness in this life, now I don't know about you, but I think there is enough bad, their is enough murder, their is enough of all of us blaming all the bad in this world on God, it is time that we all stop blaming him and realize that God is the only one who can make us new, he is the only hope for change in this world, and he is our one NEED. There is a list of a million and one things we believe we NEED, you know what we need, we need HOPE. And that hope comes from the strength that is given to us from God. I don't want to sound all fire and brimstone because it isn't my usual method, but the Devil is in this world and he's using every one of those demons to take us down and to try and make us add to the bad, to make us think that God is the reason for our suffering, and if you agree with me and you want to make this world that our children are safe in then spread God, and most importantly spread God. So if your tired of trying to do your own ways, if you want to join God's side, and you put your hope in him, then pray with me, "Lord, I've tried my ways. My ways fail, but your love never fails, and I want to give my life to you. Because you have always been here and always will be, and I want to stop thinking that all the bad in my life, and all the bad in this world is to be on your shoulders, the fate of my life is in my hands, but I need you to work your plans through me to spread love in this terrible world. I'm putting my blame at the foot of the cross and opening the door for your blessings to come through. In Jesus name I pray, Amen." Now have a good day and spread love. :)

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