The Secret of Handling Change
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The Secret of Handling Change

As women, we are no strangers to change.  Sometimes, it seems like our whole lives are centered around nothing but change.  When we are young, we face changes in ourselves as we learn about the meaning of hormones, we go off to school, get married, have kids, watch them grow, then guide them as they become adults too.  We face health changes, job changes, relationship changes, lifestyle changes, and loss of a loved one changes.  You would think that we would be experts at change considering all we deal with from the time we are old enough to know better until the time we finally rest.  But, for many of us, change continues to throw us those curve balls and we cringe every time we are hit in the side of the face.  Is that you?  It sure was me, not too long ago.  Then one day I learned a little secret that I'd like to share with you.  

Are you ready?  Come closer so I can whisper it in your ear......this is a very important secret that you will want to make sure you understand me and hear me correctly....Guess what?  Here it is, my little secret:  Change is a part of life so our reaction to the change is all about our attitude.  Yep, you heard me.  There's that darn A-word again.  Attitude consists of how we approach the change mentally.  Do we face the change with an sense of faith and gratitude?  Or do we center on the negative and rebel against the experiences laid before us?  Are we looking forward to the future with anticipation, joy, and thanksgiving?  Or are we too busy looking at what was or what never can be again?  

Sure, sure.  I know what you're saying.... "Come on, Rebecca," you might say.  "It's not that simple.  This is HARD!"  Yep.  I don't deny that the changes you are experiencing right now are hard.  But, do you know what?  I know you are a beautiful, capable, and amazing woman with talents, gifts, and strength.  It's through our challenges that we grow and become stronger.  It's through change and through our pain that God can speak to us and show us new levels of possibilities.  So next time you're faced with a change in your life, remember my secret.  Take the words of Socrates to heart and look to the future and focus on the opportunities to build something new.  And, remember that no matter what the change, you are never alone.  You are a woman of purpose.  You are a woman of tenacity.  Embrace it.  I'd love to hear about how you overcame change so feel free to comment below, and even though my secret is passed on to you as a sister in Christ, feel free to do the same and share this post.  Not all secrets are meant to be kept.  Some are meant to be shared.

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