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It was a beautiful day and I was so excited to finally have some quality time with my husband on a date night at the movies.  With his and my crazy work schedules we rarely have the opportunity to get away so when the rare chance presents itself, I seize it!  We decided to go see a fairly new release:  American Sniper.  I had heard that it was a good movie, and even though it was released several weeks ago, the theater was packed.  We had arrived early and were glad to have found some good seats near the center where I like to sit...Not to close, not too far.

The lights started to dim, and I smiled at my hubby while we shared a big tub of popcorn, happy to be there at that moment, enjoying his company. hit me.  THE CLOUD!  What the...???  I couldn't breathe.  I felt my nasal passages closing in protest and my lungs started to burn.  My eyes started to tear up as a cough escaped my tortured lungs.  I turned in desperation as my blissful time at the movies turned into sudden torture.  What was it?

As I turned to my left in the crowded theater, I saw that another couple had settled in the seats next to us.  Unfortunately, THE CLOUD was coming from them.  I'm sure they were very nice people, and I am confident that the woman in question had no idea that her desire to be beautiful for her date was causing such a disruption.  She, like many women, use WAY TOO MUCH PERFUME!  Don't get me wrong, I enjoying using a good alluring scent on occasion too, but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE if you do too, make sure you are not over-indulging.  With a sold-out show, I had no choice but to endure my pain in silence because we couldn't move to another seat.

Interestingly, perfumes have been used pretty much since the beginning of the human race.  "Perfume" comes from the Latin word per fumus which means "through smoke".  Yep, definitely an air of smoke in this case.  Originally, perfumes were used primarily for the elite to cover offensive odors caused by the bathing practices of the times (or lack thereof) or to ward off evil spirits.  Now, perfumes are used primarily another tool in the arsenal of women to accent their appeal, much like cosmetics.  Keep in mind, however, that if this is your goal, then realize that if you use too much, the opposite becomes the result.  Here are a couple perfume tips to help you stay on the beautiful side of the bottle and not the offensive:

1.  Choose quality.  Perfumes are made from either natural or synthetic (chemical) ingredients that react with your natural body chemistry.  That's why the same perfume can smell completely different when worn by different people.  Choose a product that uses quality ingredients and reacts well with your skin and chemistry.  

2.  A little dab 'll do ya.  With most perfumes, a little bit goes a long way.  Apply to natural pressure points where the essence is carried through your natural bloodstream such as wrists, neck, and ankles.  More is not better in this case.  When in doubt, er on the side of caution and use less.  If you're using a spray/spritz.  Only one spritz is needed for full coverage.  Two may be used on occasion depending on the variety.  NEVER three or more!!!!

3.  Change scents often.  Our noses are sensitive, but can become desensitized to scents we are around often.  For example, when you walk into your own house, you rarely register a scent.  But, go on vacation for a week and you'll often detect an aroma of some kind in your house upon your return.  With perfumes, your nose will no longer detect the scent....even though it is still there and very strong...after awhile.  The temptation arises, then, to use MORE of the perfume so you can smell it.  But, as we've already mentioned, this is not a good idea.  Instead, have two or three favorite perfumes and rotate between them to keep your schnoz fresh.

Use these simple tips and you'll be able to wear your perfume with confidence, knowing that you are putting your best foot forward.  I'm sure you've experienced something similar to my example, either on an airplane, in a restaurant, at church, or other public venue where women congregate.  Next time this happens, you can simply smile, and then discreetly forward them a link to this post.  All in great love, of course.  Have a wonderful and blessed day and enjoy your fresh air!  Don't take anything for granted.  I'd love to hear your experiences and thoughts.  Feel free to comment and share this post.  Blessings!

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