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One 'Weaks' Motivation

Monday Motivation: As adults many of us are afraid of being known, fear of being rejected - trusting somebody else to hopefully not hurt you, whether friend, significant other. Why not start your relationships with, 'what kind of crazy are you?' For years in my 20's/30's I tried to be who everyone else would like, accept, love. Think of your public self as a costume, is it the real you or a costume just for others to see? In my 40's my bio states my aspergers, ADHD, the real me- take me or leave me, I am me. Take a minute to think of the real you and who you like people to see, know? Is it different than the real you? The greatest gift in life is people loving you for the 100% authentic you. What are your crazy traits? Does anyone know about them? Not everyone should have access to your self- choose wisely on who you have in your inner circle. 

Tuesday Motivation: Happy 'motivated' day of love on steroids. Don't wait for a holiday to share love, love every single day. Specialize in 'every' day, a persons favorite gum or candy bar. Something they collect or love- animal, etc. I wish we could arrange our death like we book an appointment but truth is we never know what our last step, last word, last gesture will be- make it good! Do so much every week that you live a life of love & giving for others! It can be free: a smile, a hug, a ride, watching their child for an hour, listening to a person vent, the list goes on and on and on! Think of this day of love, make others feel like every day is Valentine's Day!! I love you dearly, thanks for being weaved in the fabric of my life, as an incredible personality!! 

Wednesday Motivation: Helen Keller was noted in saying, 'character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired and success achieved. So as you struggle, cheer for yourself- you are building character. You are strengthening and gaining inspiration and success. Celebrate your struggle, I know that sounds like a contradiction but actually the path of struggle makes you stronger to succeed. As you look at all the days of your life, you've succeeded over every struggle....keep it up! You can do it!!  Clapping for you! 

Thursday Motivation: Three habits of a healthy heart, concentrate on them with your emotional self. Our habits create the state of our heart, like with New Years Resolutions - goal to be healthy, stay fit then forgotten by 2/1, lots of chocolate by Valentine's. So a heart is like that - set it, reset it, reset it, reset it- having healthy heart habits will make the reset easier over time. Here are 3 healthy habits:LEARN WHAT TO HATE: if you like to be early, you have to hate being late. I love chocolate but I hate how the sugar makes me feel so I stay away from it. If you want peace, you have to hate drama. KNOW WHERE TO HIDE: if you hide behind a fake smile over and over to hide a hurt heart you are masking how you feel when you need to address what hurt you,  forgive it, change it so you can move on. Or if I hide behind an image I don't have to deal with who I truly am. You need to know your true self, how you tick, what truly makes you happy. Memorize a song to hide in, a verse of peace. Know a person to go to and confide in. Don't hide in feeling bad for yourself, don't let the enemy give you a false hiding place, set up your perfect hiding places! KNOW HOW TO HOPE: it's good to have hope. The Psalmist in Psalm 119 said 'I hope' not I have hope, not a verb, a is not something I have, it's something I do daily. Don't 'hope' it gets better...hope for the best, expect the worst no more. Hope doesn't 'wish it would.' It is a way of living. I have hope in you for hope to work in your life. I don't hope it's not cold, we wear a coat. Our calling is contained in our challenges and the beauty is we can reset our heart at any moment in our day! 

Friday Motivation: Maturity in life is the difference between what's worthless and what's worth investing in- when an older person says, 'back in my day...' they are trying to show you what they would spend time on or what they wouldn't if they could go back. My grandparents, parents have left this earth and I wish I could go back for one more story that as a teen I rolled my eyes at when they started that line. Cherish people, their words, their stories for one day the storyteller will be gone and all the lessons gone with them. What I value now at 45 is much different than what I valued at 25. The people, the smiles, the advice- priceless. If you'll look back through your life since birth many of your stories were not birthed out of success but out of hardship overcoming into success. I think about my degrees, success now but while the whole world slept as a single mom I worked, took care of my beautiful children and read/studied all night at times! Think about the origin in the good of your life because the best reward is sitting humbly and reflecting on how you got there!!! I would say TGIF but I thank God for every day, every minute and every second I'm able to breath and play on this earth and be with those I love!! Make today count!! 

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