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Givers, Takers & Matchers

There are three types of people in this world, givers. takers and matchers. Which are you? Do you always give energy, take energy or match energy of others? Replace the word energy with multiple words to fully understand which you are. The give, take, match can be positive or negative. When you leave this earth which would you like to be 'notated as?' Give love, peace, understaning, take sorrow, grief and pain, match energy then surprise people with extra. Be all you can be on this trip around the sun.

Stubborn & Flexible

Be stubborn about your goals but flexible in your methods. The obstacles, the set backs, the wins do not control the outcome. Start over, adjust, celebrate, stomp your foot but KEEP MOVING FORWARD. You see the more obstacles you JUMP, the stronger you are for the next one...jump again, and again. Thank the set-backs for the strength, thank the wins for the ease, just keep moving. Life is meant to be LIVED, not snoozed through day in and day out. You've got this one precious, beautiful journey designing your life one precious moment at a time!


The word cultivate. What have you cultivated in your life? The definition means to try to acquire or develop (a quality, a sentiment, or skill.) I don't know about you but for many years I unawaringly cultivated love, disgust, confusion, peace and calm around me. When I pass an ambulance I pray- everyone will move, they'll be on time, the person will heal or God's will. Now I am intentional. I ask myself- when I see, meet, run into someone -what do I leave them with? How do they feel?

You have favor.

The devil couldn't take you out so he's trying to ware you out. Don't you dare get tired. Hold on because the tide is about to turn in your favor! The word favor means approval, support, act of kindness beyond what is due or usual as a noun, or feel/show approval in a verb. Today may 'eat you alive' in the hard but list your favored moments of today as you lay down to sleep. I guarentee you the hard can be left in today, stay and the favor can carry into tomorrow and beyond, go.

Your Voice.

What say you? Do you have a voice? The largest injustice you can ever do to the world is to ‘silence’ your precious voice. You matter. What you have to say matters. What you mean when you say things is your own unique view, no one must accept or agree – Just be. Keep your words flowing even when no one is listening because your words become your actions, your actions become your life, your life becomes your legacy to live on forever. Dawn

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Have you ever looked at the word 'expand?' Expanding from the inside, what would happen if we expanded our character? Expanded our responsibility? Expand the way we think? What we work on, on the inside eventually is seen on the outside. You want a better business? Work on your inside, your capabilities and possibilities and your business will expand. Expand away! Dawn

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Make sure life doesn't become so common place that you walk through the days completely blind. Life is truly a series of thousands of tiny miracles to discover in a day. Notice them. The sunshine, the rain, an idea, a thought, a kind hand, a soft heart, a word that you needed desperately, the hunch to stop for a minute and say something, or text someone, do it. Notice the miracles all around you and be a miracle to those around you. Dawn

All Rights Reserved, @Weak2Strong, LLC. 2019

Our Powerful Minds....

Our minds believe everything we think and say. We are the author, creator, director of our days. Are you honest with yourself? What is your honesty based on? Things you really believe or other people's voices? God's voice? Popular opinion or grace? The root cause/belief in all things is where energy is born. Not enough energy, think about what you are telling yourself, where your voices and energy is coming from then BOOM...you'll find how to increase your energy all day, every day. Dawn

Mercy of your Monday!

Are you at the mercy of your Monday or do you have a plan to execute your Monday? John 16:33 states - so that in me, you may have peace. Panic is contagious, so is peace, which will you spread? God has called us to have peace, no matter our circumstances. Pray before you panic, control what you can control, God has the rest covered so go forth on your power filled way with peace in your pocket. Dawn

All Rights Reserved, @Weak2Strong, LLC. 2019

This too shall pass...

This too shall pass...why do we stop there? Pass into what exactly? Pass into exactly what you make it. We always surround this saying with negative but it happens with positive afflictions too- peace, love, kindness, reassurance. Arm yourself for when it passes, what will you smile upon? What do you rely on when all hope is gone? Think of one thing. Now hold that one thing SO TIGHT no one can take it from your grasp. Peace will always be mine no matter what I face daily. Praying it will always be yours too, loving you through it.
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