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Be "over the top"!

Be an 'over the top' type person. Spread joy in all forms, a card, a gift, a balloon, an 'I love you' or 'you're special because' moment. YOU POSSESS SO MUCH POWER to make the world a better place but do you? Do you limit it to your family or those you know? Bless the world with your own kind of BEAUTIFUL, what matters to you matters to others. Be the light that another needs as they walk in darkness, and shine, shine as bright as you can shine. <3 you! Dawn

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"Soul" People

Pay attention to the people showing up in your world. You might be bumping into a soul friend or someone who will play a significant role in your world. We always say to take in ‘where’ you are, remember to ‘take in’ everyone you ‘bump’ into!! Dawn

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Ruth Chapter 4

In the Book of Ruth chapter 4 to seal a legal agreement back in the day one person would give the other person one of their sandals to agree to the terms. This transaction really got me thinking in our words, our promises, our agreements- who have you promised and where have you fallen short? We can never change the past but we can apologize for falling short of our word or realize that when we should ‘give a shoe’ we need to stand by what we say or promise. Dawn

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Our Life's lens...

Our destinies in life will never be determined by our complaining spirits or high expectations. Life is full of surprises, and the adjustment of our attitudes is a lifelong project. We choose the lens of life that we use right now. The way we look at everything. -OR- We can blame happenings on our birth order, we got up on the wrong side of the bed, we were at the wrong place at the wrong time or point to other factors. -OR- We can STEP UP every day and take total responsibility for our lives and choose to use every factor in life for our greater good.

I accomplished.....

Last week I accomplished.?!?! As you rush into the weekend completely overwhelmed by everything you'd like to do, stand up on your accomplishments you took for granted last week. Take a moment before your bedtime prayers to think, I accomplished this today (list)....after doing this for a few weeks, your brain will train you...I can accomplish...even when your WHOLE BODY tightens and thinks...I Can't. The starting point of all achievements is desire. Step on your accomplishments and jump off the regularlife role to SHINE, ACCOMPLISH, GIVE, using every precious second you have on this earth. Dawn

What was special today?

You need to be the kind of person who can make a Tuesday amazing. What was special today? Why was it important that you were here on earth? Why are you so loved? Why are you so needed? Take those things and wrap yourself in them because stuff, stuff can't go with us when we leave this planet. But our works, our hugs, our words and our laughter we make in others....they will live a long time after we are gone, keep working there. Dawn

Everything that shines.

Once you've been in the dark you learn to appreciate everything that shines. God works in mysterious ways through the valleys and tough times to prepare you for winning, riches, the best things in life. Remember nothing happens without reason and season, every inch & every second of your life has purpose for your use now or later. Convince your mind- I got this, I can do this, I am stronger than this, God's got me. Grateful for every blessed, learning second- we win or we strengthen our being, never lose. Dawn

Always Rise

So picture this me, helium balloons, trying to get them in a truck and to stay on the right side so I can see out the back window. Then it hit me, the helium is just like your human spirit you can’t keep it down, it’s just going to keep on rising and rising and rising. If you know me well you know I don’t give up very easily so I tried and I tried and I tried and they just kept popping out and raising up just like you you need to do. Find joy every time you get knocked down. Dawn

A Little more this, a little more that...

For years I thought I need to be a little more this, a little more that, traits I respected and loved in others. Then one day in my 45th year I decided to just be me. How are you stretching yourself to be what you see in others, a 2nd hand copycat? If you’d look ONLY at you, you’d realize your own precious traits are enough. They are beautiful, plentiful, incredible and you don’t use them near enough. You’re a 1st class you, never settle to be a 2nd rate anyone else. Dawn

How To Overcome The Funk!

How to overcome the “Funk”
I absolutely LOVE this quote, “Only GOD can turn a MESS into aMESSage, a TEST into aTESTimony, a TRIal into aTRIumph, a VICTim into aVICTory.” Can I get an Amen!
Let's face it if we are fogging a mirror we are going to have messes, tests, trials and be a victim. In the end its how we have reacted while going through these valleys that can be a testimony to others.
I have a confession! I don't go through valleys well. Even today when a curve-ball is thrown my way I want to cover up my head and go back to bed.
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