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Intersections Collide

Think of your life as a constant intersection where the amazing and the dreadful, collide with you and orchestrate our day. Just one question, after the COLLISION with you does the amazing stay amazing and the dreadful get morphed into a miracle? You see many humans travel through life trying to be a constant this or that when God made us brilliantly in his image to collide with the amazing and dreadful and breath out faith, hope and love on the other side of either. Remember what you are made of and you will always win.

Equipping humans.

Equipping, when you equip people, you raise the energy & infuse strength, work with strengths of yourself, of others. Equip yourself to find a strength in every weakness for you or another person. Ex: I'm not your gal if you need details BUT if I have the pieces- I can fit the picture together to build you a beautiful canvas of possibilities. Stop relying on your faults. Faults will not give you a foundation for tomorrow. Show up equipped with our strengths & our faults will start to mend too.

You already know.

You already know. Are you always piling on knowledge over and over and over again? You buy another book but you have 12 you didn't read from last year? You know how to get into shape, how to do a sit up, you already know. It is in 'doing' where the miracle happens. Some people constantly pray- what do I do God? He may have told us 100 times but it's still undone. What is close becomes common, what do you take for granted daily? Your best days are ahead of you, you only need to claim them.

Peace & Love

Peace & love are funny ingredients in our lives. Peace in hebrew means whole/well being. Peace is mentioned in the bible 250+ times, with an unknown tomorrow we don't create peace ourselves, He gives it to us, our Prince of Peace. Now love, we need to love ourselves to truly love and give love to another person. Loving others through God's eyes- INCREDIBLE. Love is patient, love is kind (you're thinking of someone else you love right now, right? What about with yourself? Patient? Kind?

Check Ourselves...

Check ourselves before we wreck ourselves. Do you argue or just accept reality? Do you think- it's the reality of a situation or do you get tied up in a knot? STOP & ask yourself- Self, is this really worth me being upset? Can I 'rethink' the situation, reframe the energy? Embedding love in the situation~ that email reply you want to let fly, the person you'd like to deck or that word you'd like to zing off your lips - stopping & adding love = space and grace. Give yourself & others space & grace.

I accomplished.....

Last week I accomplished.?!?! As you rush into the weekend completely overwhelmed by everything you'd like to do, stand up on your accomplishments you took for granted last week. Take a moment before your bedtime prayers to think, I accomplished this today (list)....after doing this for a few weeks, your brain will train you...I can accomplish...even when your WHOLE BODY tightens and thinks...I Can't. The starting point of all achievements is desire. Step on your accomplishments and jump off the regularlife role to SHINE, ACCOMPLISH, GIVE, using every precious second you have on this earth. Dawn


Why do some people skyrocket while others plummet? You can call it luck, blessing, favor or the Midas touch - call it what you want but the truth is some people just achieve incredible things even with difficulty. How do we leave average in the dust so the ordinary seems a distant memory? Change your perception of and your response to failure. Accept any failure which comes your way as the price of success today, and keep striving forward. Dawn

What was special today?

You need to be the kind of person who can make a Tuesday amazing. What was special today? Why was it important that you were here on earth? Why are you so loved? Why are you so needed? Take those things and wrap yourself in them because stuff, stuff can't go with us when we leave this planet. But our works, our hugs, our words and our laughter we make in others....they will live a long time after we are gone, keep working there. Dawn

The Cloud

It was a beautiful day and I was so excited to finally have some quality time with my husband on a date night at the movies.  With his and my crazy work schedules we rarely have the opportunity to get away so when the rare chance presents itself, I seize it!  We decided to go see a fairly new release:  American Sniper.  I had heard that it was a good movie, and even though it was released several weeks ago, the theater was packed.  We had arrived early and were glad to have found some good seats near the center where I like to sit.

Nana's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Nana! :)
I haven't been on here all week and I've been slacking with writing. This weekend is Nana's birthday and we will be out of town all weekend so I wanted to get a quick blog in. I can't think of what to write about being easily distracted lately so I want to do a fun tutorial post. As you have already read I have a two year old and he is always eager to make, clean, or paint anything, just as I'm sure any two year old is. I asked him what he wanted to make his Nana for her birthday, but we were stumped.
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