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Intersections Collide
Redirection...not rejection.
Restart, redo, re-engineer as many times as you need to.
Givers, Takers & Matchers


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Intersections Collide

Think of your life as a constant intersection where the amazing and the dreadful, collide with you and orchestrate our day. Just one question, after the COLLISION with you does the amazing stay amazing and the dreadful get morphed into a miracle? You see many humans travel through life trying to be a constant this or that when God made us brilliantly in his image to collide with the amazing and dreadful and breath out faith, hope and love on the other side of either. Remember what you are made of and you will always win.

Redirection...not rejection.

God's "No" is not a rejection. It's a redirection. We don't redirect ourselves or listen for God to redirect us enough. How many times do we stay banging our head on a "no." Steer away from Quiet Riot and Bang your head and open yourself up to possibilities. Open up to redirection and refresh your mind, spirit and soul often. Think of it this way- if your computer isn't working right, you CTRL ALT DEL right? Think of your mind as CTRL : control yourself, ALT: alter your thinking, DEL: delete negativity and redirect.

Restart, redo, re-engineer as many times as you need to.

Restart, redo, re-engineer your life every chance you get. You'll notice this motivation is coming from my Google voice number, please add it to your phone under my name. To adequately pray for you daily I thought I'd type the motivation instead of keying it in on my phone in the notes. So before typing/sending = 90%, praying 10% to re-engineer it: typing/sending = 10%, praying for you and yours = 90%. What do you need to re-engineer in your life? Love, Dawn

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Givers, Takers & Matchers

There are three types of people in this world, givers. takers and matchers. Which are you? Do you always give energy, take energy or match energy of others? Replace the word energy with multiple words to fully understand which you are. The give, take, match can be positive or negative. When you leave this earth which would you like to be 'notated as?' Give love, peace, understaning, take sorrow, grief and pain, match energy then surprise people with extra. Be all you can be on this trip around the sun.

Never Miss a Monday.

Never miss a Monday, never go to sleep angry, do your best, do you ever get tired of the 'one size fits all' sayings and advice? Being unique; our body, our life, our mind, our work....why would we EVER take 'one size fits all' advice? Why would we try to fit our 'incredible' into an ordinary box?!? Why would we envy another? Why would we discount ourselves and inflate those we think are 'better?' Right now list 2 strengths of you, list 2 talents you lend to this earth, list 1 special 'only you' thing?

Stubborn & Flexible

Be stubborn about your goals but flexible in your methods. The obstacles, the set backs, the wins do not control the outcome. Start over, adjust, celebrate, stomp your foot but KEEP MOVING FORWARD. You see the more obstacles you JUMP, the stronger you are for the next one...jump again, and again. Thank the set-backs for the strength, thank the wins for the ease, just keep moving. Life is meant to be LIVED, not snoozed through day in and day out. You've got this one precious, beautiful journey designing your life one precious moment at a time!


The word cultivate. What have you cultivated in your life? The definition means to try to acquire or develop (a quality, a sentiment, or skill.) I don't know about you but for many years I unawaringly cultivated love, disgust, confusion, peace and calm around me. When I pass an ambulance I pray- everyone will move, they'll be on time, the person will heal or God's will. Now I am intentional. I ask myself- when I see, meet, run into someone -what do I leave them with? How do they feel?

Equipping humans.

Equipping, when you equip people, you raise the energy & infuse strength, work with strengths of yourself, of others. Equip yourself to find a strength in every weakness for you or another person. Ex: I'm not your gal if you need details BUT if I have the pieces- I can fit the picture together to build you a beautiful canvas of possibilities. Stop relying on your faults. Faults will not give you a foundation for tomorrow. Show up equipped with our strengths & our faults will start to mend too.

Perspective through reflection.

Perspective only comes through reflection. We do what we do. Have you ever stepped back and said- why did I do that? Why did I feel that? The root cause of our being, where we draw our perspective on everything we feel, we hear, we do is SO powerful. Sometimes our reactions are based on the past principles instead of your new found strength. Rebuild intentions and perspective to truly grow through time. Dawn

All Rights Reserved, @Weak2Strong, LLC. 2019

You already know.

You already know. Are you always piling on knowledge over and over and over again? You buy another book but you have 12 you didn't read from last year? You know how to get into shape, how to do a sit up, you already know. It is in 'doing' where the miracle happens. Some people constantly pray- what do I do God? He may have told us 100 times but it's still undone. What is close becomes common, what do you take for granted daily? Your best days are ahead of you, you only need to claim them.
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