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Our Powerful Minds....

Our minds believe everything we think and say. We are the author, creator, director of our days. Are you honest with yourself? What is your honesty based on? Things you really believe or other people's voices? God's voice? Popular opinion or grace? The root cause/belief in all things is where energy is born. Not enough energy, think about what you are telling yourself, where your voices and energy is coming from then BOOM...you'll find how to increase your energy all day, every day. Dawn

Not all that wander are lost....

Not all those who wander are lost. Wander through the possibilities, through your dreams, through what is possible, outside of your comfy comfort zone. Then keep things the way they are or lace in these wandering ways. So many times we think we are STUCK, we aren't, we decide on the stuck, wander or go. Your life may be your perfect, if so, incredible. If not wander and find your new normal. In your quiet time, you need quiet time, wander away. Dawn

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Peace & Love

Peace & love are funny ingredients in our lives. Peace in hebrew means whole/well being. Peace is mentioned in the bible 250+ times, with an unknown tomorrow we don't create peace ourselves, He gives it to us, our Prince of Peace. Now love, we need to love ourselves to truly love and give love to another person. Loving others through God's eyes- INCREDIBLE. Love is patient, love is kind (you're thinking of someone else you love right now, right? What about with yourself? Patient? Kind?

A Little more this, a little more that...

For years I thought I need to be a little more this, a little more that, traits I respected and loved in others. Then one day in my 45th year I decided to just be me. How are you stretching yourself to be what you see in others, a 2nd hand copycat? If you’d look ONLY at you, you’d realize your own precious traits are enough. They are beautiful, plentiful, incredible and you don’t use them near enough. You’re a 1st class you, never settle to be a 2nd rate anyone else. Dawn

How To Overcome The Funk!

How to overcome the “Funk”
I absolutely LOVE this quote, “Only GOD can turn a MESS into aMESSage, a TEST into aTESTimony, a TRIal into aTRIumph, a VICTim into aVICTory.” Can I get an Amen!
Let's face it if we are fogging a mirror we are going to have messes, tests, trials and be a victim. In the end its how we have reacted while going through these valleys that can be a testimony to others.
I have a confession! I don't go through valleys well. Even today when a curve-ball is thrown my way I want to cover up my head and go back to bed.

It's ok not to be ok......

It's ok not to be ok. As adults when we face our day personally or professionally we think we always have to be strong or unstoppable. Sometimes it is ok, just to not be ok. What is on your mind, what is bothering you? What is the root cause? How do you work to resolution, keeping the emotions in check? Is the unrest life or death? If it isn't, then you will be ok eventually but give yourself some time not to be ok. Tell yourself, I will work through this for the next hour, the next two days.

For the Families of 9/11

I was going to write a post on September 11th, but didn't quite have the words yet so I decided to ponder it a bit more and write it now. I can't imagine the hurt that even 12 years later the families still feel about this day. There are 2,823 loved ones, service men and women, and passengers who lost their lives on September 11th. There are families who got on flights completely unaware that their lives would be cut short, firefighters and paramedics who put their lives on the line to save those trapped after the many buildings collapsed, and men and women who went to work not knowing that they weren't coming home. I'm sure that many of the families, the wives and husbands and mothers and fathers of these people still can not believe they lost them in such a tragic way and still worry about what could possibly happen. September 11th was a day I'll never forget, I was at school and our teacher turned on the news to figure out what was happening, and even being young it was very obvious that something terrible had happened, I remember thinking in my head, I'm so happy I'm not there. Now being an adult, I feel bad that that thought went through my mind with how much pain and disbelief the families of those people must have felt. When we think about America we think of our freedom, of our loved ones being in a safe country, but days like September 11th let us know that even though we live in the land of the free, we still have gone through terrible and tragic events in our history. The wars we have fought, the people we have lost, and the hurt of those greiving their losses is heartbreaking. I understand that everything can not be perfect, we do not live in a perfect world, where there is no hurt and bad things never happen, but September 11th was a day that made me feel that we would never be the same. Watching the buildings crumble and knowing how many people were inside and terrified for their lives was frightening and that news broadcast will never leve my mind, it will always have a place there because until that day I didn't believe that anything like that was possible. The most important thing to remember about this day is the people who lost their lives, the people who died and will never go home. No one should ever be forgotten and we should always keep them and their families in our hearts and pray for them on this day. The second thing is how amazing our country is, the service men and women who defend us against events that kill thousands just like September 11th every day and put their lives on the line for us to live in a free nation. For the ones who are still fighting to protect us and for those who responded and gave up their lives helping the people in the debris, evacuating all of the buildings, and saving as many lives as they could. I will never be happy about what happened on that day, but the people who rose up and helped to save lives still amaze me and make me absolutely happy about the country I live in. The third and last thing I think we must remember about September 11th and never forget is that we need to spend as much time loving as possible. Those people didn't know they weren't coming home on that day, they didn't know what would happen, and a tragic event like that day could happen anyday at anytime and we need to spend as much time with our families holding them close and appreciating every little moment as much as we can because those people had families that will never see them again and taking ours for granted is a smack in the face to them. To the families of 9/11 can we just take a moment and pray for them; "Dear Lord I want you to hold those close who have a hard time making it through this day and those still hurting from the lives that were taken away. Help them to know that their loved ones are never forgotten and that they are in our hearts today. Take as much hurt away and replace it with as much peace as you can. Keep us safe, them safe, our soldiers safe, and help us to never forget what happened but to have peace of mind and know that we live in a great nation, one that can come back from 9/11. In Jesus name we pray, Amen." I hope that the hearts that broke today and the families can be repaired, but I can't imagine how hard today must be and I want you all to know that I'm thinking of you and praying for you. 

Rest in Peace 2012

With this year ending I just wanted to reflect on the loved ones we lost this year. On the families whose loved ones joined Heaven  and went to a better place. I want to pray for the people who went through any suffering and to the people who are still suffering from their loss. I hope that everyone is able to regain hope and faith and trust that no matter what, they are safe now and that they are in a better place. It probably won't be clear to you right now, but they are still with you.

Don't Lose Hope

Not only are we excited for the holidays to be right around the corner, but we are also nervous about the prediction on December 21, 2012. I have found myself slipping thinking about all the possibilities of what can happen on this day. It's so easy to be consumed by fear in the world we live in. There is so much that we can let keep us inside and want to crawl in a hole for the rest of our lives. Knowing that things could come to an end in 7 days should not hold us in fear though, it should make us appreciate every last moment we have.

Dealing with Loss

As the granddaughter of Shirley Brice, I felt loss very early in life. I was only eight years old when she lost her battle with emphysema. Every birthday since then I have wished, "I wish God is taking good care of Grandma in Heaven." As I got older I realized how silly this wish was, but because she was my favorite person in the world I continued the same wish. Except for this year, I decided I would let go of the wish once and for all. Even though I only got to spend a short time with my grandma, I now have her journal and get to read her thoughts when I'm upset or need a little bit of inspiration to carry on.
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