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The Pieces Provided By God
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One 'Weaks' Motivation
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The Pieces Provided By God

Man life is incredible, crazy, unstoppable. So why as humans do we stop in our tracks relying on only our power? Why not tap into the greatest man to ever walk the earth Jesus? Are you afraid? We saw Danny Gokey last night and my favorite song of his is "Let your heart beat again" Love sees farther than you ever could, at this moment HE is working for your good. The light of grace, yesterday is a closing door, you don't live there anymore so WHY do we continually pull ourselves back to the shadows, limiting beliefs and everything we see negative in ourselves?

One 'Weaks' Motivation

Monday Motivation: As adults many of us are afraid of being known, fear of being rejected - trusting somebody else to hopefully not hurt you, whether friend, significant other. Why not start your relationships with, 'what kind of crazy are you?' For years in my 20's/30's I tried to be who everyone else would like, accept, love. Think of your public self as a costume, is it the real you or a costume just for others to see? In my 40's my bio states my aspergers, ADHD, the real me- take me or leave me, I am me.

Find Your Fortune

Recently, my 8 year old daughter Megan and I were walking down our lane on a beautiful spring day after school.  Suddenly, my daughter started jumping up and down in excitement and rushed over to me to show me her amazing find of a genuine four-leaf clover!  We had been talking about how beautiful all the clover was, with several different varieties growing along the lane and in the surrounding fields.  And lo and behold, Megan found herself a genuine four-leaf clover, a universal omen of good luck!

How To Overcome The Funk!

How to overcome the “Funk”
I absolutely LOVE this quote, “Only GOD can turn a MESS into aMESSage, a TEST into aTESTimony, a TRIal into aTRIumph, a VICTim into aVICTory.” Can I get an Amen!
Let's face it if we are fogging a mirror we are going to have messes, tests, trials and be a victim. In the end its how we have reacted while going through these valleys that can be a testimony to others.
I have a confession! I don't go through valleys well. Even today when a curve-ball is thrown my way I want to cover up my head and go back to bed.

The Secret of Handling Change

As women, we are no strangers to change.  Sometimes, it seems like our whole lives are centered around nothing but change.  When we are young, we face changes in ourselves as we learn about the meaning of hormones, we go off to school, get married, have kids, watch them grow, then guide them as they become adults too.  We face health changes, job changes, relationship changes, lifestyle changes, and loss of a loved one changes.  You would think that we would be experts at change considering all we deal with from the time we are old enough to know better until the time we finally rest.

The Woman in the Mirror

"I know that this process of 'me changing my life' doesn't just end once I set fire to this list of things I hate about myself. Tonight isn't as much of a new beginning as it is a violent end and I know the real work hasn't even started yet."-Jennifer Elisabeth 

As an instructor who teaches critical thinking to many at-risk students, I often use this quote in my last week of class. Many of my classes are filled with women much like you and I. Strong women. Women who have overcome some type of adversity and are pushing forward in the effort to overcome their obstacles.

Why did this site change from Weak2Strong to Weak2Strong Women?

Hi! I am Dawn and a year or so ago God laid it on my heart to start an online ministry to support, love and help people. My life has been a crazy ride. I don't have a sob story from birth but I have a rough story or parents dying young, wrong decisions and having to learn from my mistakes. When God laid it on my heart I worked a full time job and had a few businesses on the side. I love Beachbody products, IT works products, Jordan Essential products and have always wanted to 'help the world' with what I find helps me.

Overcomer: On Forgiveness

This is the hardest topic in my eyes that we face in our lives. It took me many many years to realize that forgiveness is the first step towards healing, I've heard that from many therapists, but never truly believed it until I experienced it. I would like to speak more about it, but I believe that this video says it better than anything I've ever found. I have held a lot against others, blamed my failures and my grudges that I hold on other people, but truly the only person to blame for a grudge is yourself.

Overcome: On Strength

I want to start off this post with my mother's post; 
   Here it is; Wow family, friends and prayer warriors- we have a team around Dee like no other! I sit here with tears of joy, grateful tears as I hang up the phone with Jim! Jim called this morning and said they took off her bandages and saw the healing was going amazing. All scabbing over the large incision. They may be able to release her today- so the 3-5 days in the hospital (soonest release was next Monday) changed to today.

To Matthew:)

I don't know if it is my Aunt's surgery, but I have been crazy emotional all morning. I keep getting thoughts going through my head that are flooding me with emotion. I never knew how completely I loved God until the moment I found my husband, I never had experienced anything as amazing as him, it was one of those where in the song, Amazing Grace where you feel the words, "I once was lost, but now I'm found." I found myself through finding him, and my home became him. When I was little there was nowhere like my Grandma's house, there was nowhere in the world that gave me the joy I felt being her Princess, but after their house was torn down and the land sold, I never thought I would feel that love again, that amazing feeling.
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